But what is an introvert…really?

It’s died down a bit lately (or maybe that’s because I’ve cleaned up my social media sites to reflect the posts I want to see…), but the buzzword lately seems to be “introvert” and listing reasons why you’re an introvert, qualities of an introvert, ways you can make your friends understand the daily trials of being an introvert… you catch my drift. Some weeks ago, I saw a list that caught my eye, though: “# signs you’re an outgoing introvert.” I read the list (guilty!) and realized, hey, that’s me.

The confusion I felt with being an outgoing person, yet introverted, remained: don’t outgoing people crave social interactions all the time? And aren’t introverted people constantly seeking solitude?

Today, I listened to a really interesting podcast about defining introversion and extraversion, saying that introversion is when a person “re-charges” their energy by being alone, and extroverted people “re-charge” by being around others. The speaker went on to say that outgoing people enjoy social interactions and interact with others comfortably, while shyness is a term we associate with being socially awkward.

I really enjoyed the distinction in which the speaker made, saying that shyness is somewhat of a crutch for adults. Sure, you can be shy, but you have to interact with people. That’s how the world works. You can teach yourself confidence and how to interact more fluidly, and you might never overcome those feelings of shyness, but you can try to work through them to be a better social partner.

If you are interested in listening to the podcast episode, you can download it here.

Raise the volume. Live the legend.

Welp, it’s been the better part of 6 months since I’ve drudged through the blogging trenches, and what better time to dust off the keyboard than when I got my YSL VoxBox?

If you’re new to the term, a VoxBox is an Influenster’s coveted prize. If you’re lucky, and active on the site, you get to claim free goodies in exchange for your social media help to advertise. (I’m in!) I joined a while ago, and have loved most every product in my handful of VoxBoxes. What’s not to love, when the samples are catered to your wants and needs?

This round, I got lucky. Influenster sent me the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara. And for those of you who don’t speak French, it’s just a classy way of saying falsies.

I loved sampling this mascara. My lashes are very short and straight, and it’s always been a task for me to find a quality mascara to do the trick. I am a fan of “stacking” (Shout out to my baby sis, the makeup guru, for adding this to my vocabulary 😉 ) my mascaras, and I usually need to use 2 or more types of mascara to get the look I want. With this product, though, I didn’t have to do that. It’s a thicker formula than some of the others I use, which was nice, too. I have been pairing it with an eyeliner I received from Influenster, and I’m loving the combo. I know I’ll be buying this mascara again when my sample runs out.

Disclaimer: Influenster provided me with a copy of these products for review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions expressed are solely mine.