10 Reasons Why I Like the Enumerated List

1. Lists are finite. They make me feel that by reading each singular tip, I can somehow improve myself in X number of steps.

2. Lists can be brief (3 slimming secrets to that beach bod!) and lists can be lengthy (1,000 books you should read before you die).

3. Lists are [usually] short. ((See #2)) That being said, the lists of the blogosphere these days are relatively readable in under-5 minutes. So, I like them.

4. Lists make me feel like I have a quick-fix to solve whatever “problem” is stated in the enumerated title of aforementioned blog post.

5. Lists make me feel like I’m learning X number of facts that will somehow affect me and my daily living. (i.e. 10 Movie Stars Who Regret Their Iconic Roles of which I read earlier this eve. Because how could I go on living if I didn’t know this?)

6. Lists are exactly what I generate on a daily basis, being Type A, and all. I won’t bore you by posting tomorrow’s lengthy addition.

7. Lists can be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t like #8? No worries, there are 24 other reasons why I’m supposed to be selfishly living out my 20’s right here.

8. Lists give me a sense of fulfillment when completed and carefully crossed out line by line.

9. Lists bridge the gap between simplicity and my obsessive need for organization of every piece of information in my life. Short, yet meticulously crafted.

10. Lists end. They aren’t some on-going journey that is life. They are done, and when you’ve completed them, you should feel accomplished and whole, right? News flash: life is ongoing until you bite it.


So, my compulsively organized list-loving self is going to keep loving and generating lists until death do us part. Granted, my daily to-do’s aren’t numbered. 😉

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