Am I just contributing to the junk pile of blog posts in the vast garbage dump of the internet?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately. My posts range everywhere from work-related to health-related to Influenster-related to random. I started this blog a year ago with the intention of simply being an online journal. I have been slowly (and successfully) trying to limit the amount of paper I use in my life, save for the inevitable 20 pages of an IEP that I’m required to print for each child under my services. This blog has evolved from being a venting platform to promoting products to intending to inspire others, and I’ve read time and time-again that after about a year, bloggers typically hit their “where do I go from here?” negative thought-stream.

I never intended for this to be a viral blog, however, making a little money on the side would be nice from sponsors. I just feel that at this point in my blogging “career,” it’s not necessary or feasible. I simply don’t have a high-traffic blog. I don’t really blog for recognition or fame. I blog as a way to vent my feelings and frustrations, while simultaneously trying to inspire or help others like myself (or unlike myself! It doesn’t matter who you are.). I don’t want to save the world, but if I can give one piece of advice to one person, I feel I’ve done an ounce of good.

That’s kind of how I got the idea for the blog in the first place. By reading hundreds (okay, maybe not hundreds) of blogs about everything from crafting to motherhood to health and wellness to speech/language pathology, I wanted to provide a smorgasbord of tips and tricks that others could take with a grain of salt to better themselves, while discounting those tips that have been tried and failed, or that you, the reader, know are ineffective.

Another part of me I was seeking to improve was my writing. I remember the high school days of Creative Writing with Mr. Walsh (rest in peace), where I went from sub-par to semi-effective writer. I was able to comically, persuasively, or narratively write about damn-near any topic lain in front of me. I miss that. College absolutely diluted my creative writing techniques and skills. In lieu of rich, buttery words, I chose the robotic, yet effective, words which I would continue to select when writing my recommended “third-grade reading level” IEP documents. And when I tried to insert creatively, to-the-point narratives about my child’s progress, I’m scorned: How can you make assumptions like that? You need to be as redundant as possible. Spell everything out. Write like your reader is a third-grader…or younger. Yikes. No savory, fragrant words here.

So, here I am. Torn between abandoning this haphazard blog of mine and maintaining the unsystematic topic changes that accompany many of my thoughts. I’d hate to see this little baby of mine disappear into the internet-graveyard along with my Xanga and MySpace accounts, but is it inevitable?


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