All I got is summertime running through my mind

What a whirlwind of a year! I’m thinking back to exactly one year ago, when I was tending the flora at Ace Hardware back in Pittsburgh, Pa. Last summer, I took a trip to the ER for what I thought was a hernia from lifting pottery for customers, but which turned out to be absolutely nothing.

Then, I spent the remainder of my summer in Clarion, Pa, finishing (scrambling to finish) my graduate coursework in a year-and-a-half. Looking back, I would have probably rather spread it out across the normal two-year span of normal graduate students…

I spent my fall in the hospital and school settings for my clinical practicums to gain basic knowledge about what SLPs do day-to-day, as well as being hounded night-after-night by therapy companies to sign with them versus their competitors.

Along came January, where I officially finished my practicums and signed on with a healthcare company for my Clinical Fellowship as an SLP in Jacksonville, Fl.

And now? I’m done. How sweet it is for those words to roll off of my tongue…or, should I say, to be typed out by my eager fingertips?

I’ve enjoyed these past few months of being an SLP, however, I am beyond ready for summer. I feel like I haven’t truly had a break since this time last year. It’s been one adventure after another (all good, enlightening, enriching, and enhancing my professional growth), and I’m happy to take different types of adventures this summer. I could use some R&R, which truthfully will probably be more like “hit the gym” and “hit the books” and “go exploring” time, but for me, activity is relaxation. (call me backwards, but I’m very go-go-go)


How are you spending your summer? Any fun vacations planned? How are you going to enrich your mind and body during the few months of vacation?


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