My last post was 51 days ago, which probably gives you a completely accurate indication of the month I’ve had.

What an April/beginning of May it’s been. When my CF mentor and the teachers at my school told me that IEP season was hellish, I should have paid closer attention. Granted, I maintain that graduate school was the worst time of my life, and that I still prefer just about anything to it (save only being throw into a pit of carnivorous beasts and the Spanish Inquisition).

That being said, IEP season is, in fact, hellish. It’s just basically a month of every female in the school acting like they’re PMSing (even though, truthfully, I can count the females I work with that this is an actually possibility on 1 hand) and I’m sick of it. However!!! IEP season was officially over for me yesterday, and I only have 3 more addendum documents to write, and I’m ready to call it summer!

As for this Saturday, I’m still working on IEPs — just for September and October. In true form, I will never quit until I’m ahead, and if I’m not at my site again next year (the perk of being a contracted employee…), I don’t want all the progress to regress into nothingness.

Rant over! Back to my Saturday of relaxation and document editing. 😉


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