Spring Break has sprung.

Nobody tells you that until you’ve gotten your feet wet for a few years out of school, your first job is just a continuation of grad school.  I really had thought the worst of it was over, (and trust me, it kind of is, because there aren’t any tests to worry about) but it’s a completely different kind of worse that you go through after you get those lovely letters tacked on to the end of your signature.

I wouldn’t trade my decision to race through grad school in a year and a half, without any breaks, for anything. I wouldn’t trade getting a December degree and starting to make money right away for anything. But I would absolutely trade jumping into IEP season (for you non-school Speechies, IEP season is March through June) with minimal experience for just about anything.

Luckily, spring break falls during the most opportune time during the year.  One blissful week of nothing but Netflix and my Microsoft Word to type up these forms.  Only problem? I’m contracted, so I don’t get paid for all this overtime! :/


^^I gave myself Saturday and Sunday off, and I finally opened my windows to enjoy this.


^^Yesterday I took a trip to my new favorite store, ever, World Market, and found these adorable treats! My favorite little animals. 🙂

Today, I decided to crack down on those IEPs, which wonderfully coincided with the longest downpour I’ve seen since I’ve lived here.  Whoever named the sunshine state has obviously not spent more than a week here.  Rainier than Pittsburgh, for sure!

I also had a meeting with a potential part-time employer…to babysit over the summer. I’m a bit rusty, but I would rather have the flexibility than have to apply for a formal job just for 3 months…


^^When I got home, I decided to tackle my desire to do this.  I’ve wanted to do the 52 week savings plan since I saw it on Pinterest a while ago, and now that I’m a money-making professional, I figured why not? Plus, tacking it to the inside of my closet door gives me 0 excuses not to. 😉

I can’t believe this break is already 1/5 of the way over.  It is already flying by, and I don’t want it to end!!! But I’m also excited to get back to work next week (can you believe it?!). I guess that’s a true SLP for you. We are obsessively into communication. Can you blame us? Plus, Better Hearing and Speech Month is coming up soon, and I’m ready to advocate away. 😉


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