FTE week.

F-T-E.  Three letters I am learning to cower from, in fear… Just kidding, it’s not THAT bad.

FTE week is a funding week here in Florida, designed to allocate state monies for the children in ESE programs (special ed. programs).  FTE is basically a fancy way of saying, “if your student isn’t here this week, we’re not giving any state money into their special education. So, yikes. For the SLP, this basically means, scramble to see every child on your caseload, while also keeping up with your paperwork, IEPs, school responsibilities, and oh, yea: you have 5 days to get all this done.

Nightmare!  This week just happens to (luckily) fall when I don’t have a professional development site to go to, HOWEVER, I personally have 3 IEPs and a committee meeting, which should take the better chunk of my tomorrow.  And my kiddos that are absent?  They won’t count for funding.  Fantastic.

Basically, I’m trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, here.  I am at a loss as to how I will have enough time to allocate to each student while maintaining my responsibilities as a school employee.

Luckily, I have a few 2x a week kiddos, so that saves me a bit of time (FTE week, you are only required to see your caseload once through.  So, those 60 minutes, twice per week kids?  I can go with 60, just for this week (thank GOODNESS.))

I apologize if this was a boring post, but I have felt nothing but FTE stress all week.


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