Countdown: four days.

This past week has been a blur. I didn’t realize how much STUFF a person could accumulate. I’m 23; I shouldn’t have THAT much stuff.

Packing everything I own, Tetris-style, into one of those moving cubes is really quite interesting. Everything I own fits inside, with about half of the volume to spare. (Don’t be fooled: the process took the entirety of my Saturday, with 5 adults working and packing constantly.)

I guess I’m a bit empty feeling, now. My childhood bedroom is now empty and bed-free, leaving me in anticipation of the 13 hour car trek on Friday. I guess I should be feeling upset, but I’m not. I just feel empty, which is the exact feeling I had when I finished my graduate coursework this summer.

The turnaround time from moving in to starting my job is minimal: we drive down Friday, unload the cube on Saturday and Sunday, and I start work on Monday. I’m nervous, but thankful, because left to my own devices, I’m sure the homesickness would have consumed me. A single apartment for a single girl in a brand-new city, without any internet/television connection? Lonely.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m really excited to start my job and get working, earning a paycheck, but this is happening quite a bit faster than I had anticipated. I guess I’m also feeling torn between knowing I should feel upset for moving away from my family and feeling overjoyed that I can finally get out on my OWN.


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