day 1: resolution 1.

i remember being a tween-ager sitting in my basement, watching dick clark’s new year’s rockin’ eve, thinking this is going to be my year. i’m going to re-invent myself. i’m going to make 15+ resolutions and follow them all. this is the year i’m going to finally get a boyfriend and be happy and life is going to be perfect. because we all know that at the naive ages of 11-14, life’s #1 problem was single life.

so there i was, resolving to be thinner, prettier, dress better, be nicer to my younger sisters… and you know what? basically none of that happened in the 364 days following. yea, maybe i thinned a little (or even fattened up a bit), maybe i learned a new makeup routine that ultimately failed, maybe my mom bought me some new clothes, and maybe one or two days a week i actually was kind to those little sisters of mine, but let me be the first to admit that if those resolutions were met, it was unintentional.

every year i resolve to complete grand, sometimes unachievable goals, and they basically never come true, unless by coincidence (coincidence, i thank you for helping me achieve my 2013 resolution of losing 10 pounds 😉 ). but for this-coming year, i wanted to resolve to do something meaningful, while also trying to stay realistic.

my goal for 2014 is to make myself a better person: to grow and accomplish something in this new year. i think a metamorphosis of a graduate student becoming a working professional is going to take more than one overarching resolution for 2014. adaptation and spontaneity aren’t my forte, so this is going to be an interesting feat. i know i overwork myself to the bone, because i’ve associated myself with being a busy (okay, overly busy) person. it’s my security blanket. i need constant structure for my crazy mind to comprehend all that i think i need to accomplish in the 12-13 waking hours of my day.

for the introductory resolution, i’ve decided to tackle what i believe is my ultimate flaw: allowing stress to consume me and take advantage of my energy, emotions, and everyday life. now, you may be thinking that relax!!! is a pretty obvious resolution to make, so i resolve to take a twist on that goal.

instead of being vague, as i’ve tried (and failed) to complete in the past, my goal is to take 30 minutes of every evening to decompress/relax by doing some activity that does not include: watching tv, being on social media, or doing anything work/responsibilities-related. this includes, but is not limited to: reading a book, taking a walk/exercising, doing yoga, journaling, blogging, meditating, taking a bubble bath… (you get the gist).

they say that it could take anywhere from 21 to 66 days to form a habit, but i feel that a little solitude could go do some good. come january 21st, i may be rocking the nightly half-hour meg sessions with me, myself, and i, or i may have to stay strong and keep mentally forcing myself to not work for 30 excruciating minutes until march 7th. either way, i think i need to tackle my imperfections, and what better way to kick off the year than with some me time?

after all, it is my time to be selfish. 😉


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