“be selfish.”

one of the easiest decisions i’ve made at my ripe age of 23 is to accept a position in jacksonville, florida.

one of the hardest decisions i’ve made at my youthful age of 23 is to accept a position in jacksonville, florida.

one thing i’m told often is how i need to take advantage of my single life (okay, unmarried life) and to see the world, take adventures.  i hear “adventures” and i think of the romantic backpacking through europe, visiting handfuls of countries a week. what i neglected to think of was how expansive america is, too. maybe my adventures were meant to begin by exploring our great fifty states.

my first nibble at the bait was from a therapy company based nationwide, with offers in texas and florida. naturally, i began fantasizing about becoming a texan, doing my hair up real big and finally wear those awful cowboy boots that i swore i’d never be caught dead in. my second little bite was from a company who had positions in virginia, washington, d.c., and a few southern states.

and so it went for months: phone calls from one on monday, two on tuesday, emails from one on wednesday, two on thursday, and a little friday break from the job-hunting madness.

eventually, you can probably guess, these companies wanted an answer. some final poking and prodding revealed the real battle was between atlanta, georgia and jacksonville. anyone who has been in the position of choosing between multiple job offers knows how difficult it is when these companies are comparable in more ways than one. i felt as if these hr reps had become my friends, and now i had to choose. not an easy feat for miss sensitivity.

well, i chose jacksonville, and so it begins: my journey to “find myself” as a speech therapist, and as a person. part of me is so excited to try this new experience in a new city in a new chapter of my life, and part of me is petrified.  all my life, i’ve been in school. from the time i was 2 in daycare and pre-school, through elementary, middle, and high schools, onto college, and graduate school, even this past summer, i’ve spent my entire life in classes, learning, growing.

now it’s my turn: to teach my students how to correctly place their little tongues to say those speech sounds, to teach my students to properly use language, to teach my students how to speak more fluently, to teach my students to treat their little voices properly, to teach my students to tolerate feeding, to teach my students to use their communication devices when their little words just won’t come out.

…and i’m ready to take jacksonville by storm. 😉