today i had my midterm evaluation for my externship experience in the hospital. nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it! i have always been a worrywart, but usually my close friends or family or boyfriend get the brunt of my nerves. today, it was 4 stranger SLPs (3 CCC’s & my fellow extern from Cal U), and there was no hiding my crazy.

all morning: “you’re nervous, aren’t you? i can tell” “you’ll do just fine; you’re good at this.” “we all go through this in the beginning.”

so, 11:00 rolled around, and in came a supervisor i’ve never met. and you know what? everything went just fine. i constantly hear, “you really own the room when you walk into a session. you’re comfortable and confident and the patients really like you. you’ve got that personable way about you.” i just have to thin out my skull a bit, and let those words sink in, i guess. 😉

one VERY important thing i’ve learned from this externship so far (and let me admit how hard this is to say) is remembering that no one, even us Type A speechies, is perfect. i make mistakes daily, and will continue to make them for years. i think the most important thing to remember is admitting that yes, maybe you will mess up and cause yourself or your supervisor a little headache every now and again, but staying true to your SLP smarts, and documenting EVERYTHING will save your career. if you don’t write it down, it never happened. no one is there to back you up, so cover your tush by thorough documentation (still learning this step).

all in all, i’d say it was a reflective and successful midterm day. my next battle? tackling all the crazy medical terminology and shorthand notes. for a detailed lady like myself, this proves a feat. bring it on!