What a week.

The weeks grow more intense as summer grows slowly shorter.  How I wish I could lie pool-side with my friends…



We had to test out the clinic’s tympanogram today, so I got my own printout of my middle ear function. 😉

And!!! Travis visits this weekend, and I could NOT be happier!  I need a little boyfriend time in my life.


week 1/ happy father’s day!

what a crazy week it’s been!

this was my first week as a graduate clinician, and hectic does not even begin to cover how busy i was.  i love all of my clients, and the only troublesome session happened with a little guy who did not want to be in therapy.  he went to the bathroom with his brother at the end of our session, and i heard him through the door, “i hate that lady.” his brother replied, “SHH!! she can hear you!!”


on a separate note, happy father’s day! here’s my daddy and i, about 21 years ago.^^